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As October quickly arrived, many of us are running around in attempts to find our children the perfect costumes for their classroom parties and after-school trick-or-treating escapades. However, while you are gathering candy to pass out and preparing the costumes, Dr. Brent Browning, dentist in Houston, is available to help you to better understand how to enjoy Halloween without cavities.  So when your child comes home with a bag full of candy, how can you help remind your child about good oral health and cavity prevention? 

Sugary candies and other sweets obtained during trick-or-treating can lead to tooth decay, and when these sugars are not removed by brushing and flossing, bacteria in the mouth will form plaque—a colorless, sticky film.  As cavity-causing organisms within plaque feed on the sugar, it is then turned into acid, which attacks tooth enamel, creating cavities, or decay. 

By following a few simple steps offered by Dr. Browning, cosmetic dentist in Houston, your children can enjoy their Halloween treats without jeopardizing their dental health.  Try to encourage your child to eat a small amount of candy in one sitting rather than grazing on candy all day.  By doing this, you can help avoid the effects of the sugars that remain on the teeth all day while eating candy.  Be sure to also limit hard, chewy candies, such as taffy, lollipops or caramels that stick to the teeth, damage dental work and increase the period of time in which teeth are exposed to sugar.  Instead of these types of candies, opt for soft candy that can be eaten quickly, such as chocolate.  After eating candy, have your children drink a glass of water and thoroughly brush their teeth for added protection against decay. 

By paying close attention to your child’s Halloween goodies this year, you can help to promote a lifetime of healthier teeth without tossing the entire bag of treats.  Additionally, don’t forget to visit Dr. Brent Browning, your Houston dentist, every six months for a cleaning and dental exam, as it is important for cavity prevention.

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