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February 21, 2020
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Do you desire a straight, healthy smile either for your child or even yourself? At Browning Smile Design, Dr. Brent Browning serves patients in the Northwest Houston area with a wide array of dental services, including orthodontic braces. Learn about types of braces and the many benefits of orthodontic correction.

Braces are for everybody

While children should be evaluated for braces by age seven, teens and adults also can wear today's amazing variety of orthodontic appliances. In his Northwest Houston office, Dr. Browning offers conventional braces (metal, ceramic or lingual) and clear Invisalign aligners.

An in-office evaluation help Dr. Browning outline your specific treatment needs. Typical care plans take two years; however, Invisalign treatment of mild to moderate issues in teens and adults can finish in about a year.

Whatever appliances you wear, your dentist will follow your progress throughout. You'll carefully maintain your oral hygiene and eat a tooth-friendly, low-sugar diet for best results.

Benefits of braces

Braces offer several psychological and health benefits. The obvious one is improved self-confidence due to improved personal appearance. This aspect of orthodontic correction helps people of all ages.

Additionally, braces give patients numerous health benefits, including:

  • Well-aligned teeth which are easier to clean, thus avoiding decay and gum disease
  • Biomechanical balance, or properly-aligned dental bite, which affects tooth wear, biting, chewing and jaw function/comfort
  • Proper tooth eruption and jaw development
  • Improved speech, biting, and chewing
  • Less tooth chipping, fracture and excessive wear and tear
  • Fewer impacted adult teeth
  • Reduction or elimination of bruxism (habitual teeth clenching and grinding)

What are your smile goals?

At Browning Smile Design in Northwest Houston, Dr. Brent Browning and his professional team change smiles and lives. If you believe your teeth could benefit from orthodontic care, come see us. We'll show you what's possible and most beneficial for your oral health and overall well-being. Contact us at (281) 370-4300.


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