By Dr. Brent Browning
July 09, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Thanks to porcelain veneers, the shape, color and alignment of teeth can all be corrected with one versatile restoration.

Cosmetic dentistry offers people the chance to have beautiful, natural looking smiles. The most amazing transformations are Whiteningoften a result of veneers, which are wafer-thin sections of porcelain that fit over the existing teeth and improve a number of flaws. In this post, Dr. Brent Browning of Browning Smile Design in Houston, Texas addresses a few of the dental situations veneers can help.


Dental whitening is another cosmetic procedure that can produce dramatic results, but certain patients have teeth that don't respond to these treatments. Many adults who were prescribed a strain of antibiotics called tetracyclines in childhood are now dealing with discolored teeth that are resistant to whitening agents. (These antibiotics are no longer prescribed to children under age 8.) If the gums have receded and exposed the root of the tooth, those areas will stay the same color. And while tooth-colored dental restorations, such as resin fillings or crowns, are designed to match well with natural teeth, they do not whiten the same way. For these common reasons, your Houston cosmetic dentist often suggests veneers. The color and overall appearance of teeth is immediately corrected with the layer of porcelain.


Length of teeth

Over many years, teeth can gradually wear down, which can make them appear unnaturally short. Some teeth are naturally different sizes or lengths than those surrounding them. Veneers even out the length and shape of each tooth in relation to the others; your Houston cosmetic dentist carefully designs each veneer to be symmetrical to its neighbors.

Gaps and overlaps

Braces are no longer the only way to correct overlapping and gaps! Veneers work best for teeth that have moderate alignment problems; major crowding or gaps may respond better to orthodontics (braces) first. Veneers can add a finishing touch later. Your Houston cosmetic dentist at Browning Smile Design can evaluate what will work best for your teeth.

To find out if veneers can help improve your smile, call Dr. Brent Browning's dental office in Houston, Texas for a consultation today!


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