By Dr. Brent Browning
January 29, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Braces  

Many of our Houston, TX patients know the basics of braces: they’re made of metal and they’ll straighten your teeth. While these statements are definitely true, there’s certainly a lot more that goes into applying and maintaining braces. Dr. Brent Browning of bracesBrowning Smile Design has some of the questions his patients most commonly ask when considering braces.

How long do I have to wear braces?

The length of time a person wears braces really depends upon what’s being corrected. For example, some patients have minor adjustments that braces can guide to a better smile. Others require more significant alignment and bite corrections. On average, patients wear braces between 18 to 24 months.

What’s the right age to have braces put on?

Dr. Browning typically recommends his Houston, TX braces patients start wearing braces anywhere from age eight to 14. The best timing is when the facial bones may still be growing because the braces may be more effective in correcting certain bite misalignments.

One of the ways to anticipate if a child may need braces to correct the teeth is to schedule an orthodontic appointment at age 7. At this time, a child has a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth. This gives a pretty good clue if the braces will be successful.

Will braces hurt?

The purpose of braces is to re-direct a patient’s teeth to correct crooked, irregularly spaced, or crowded teeth. The process for making this happen can cause some discomfort and soreness, but this is not typically to the point of causing significant pain. An over-the-counter pain reliever can help reduce pain. The discomfort typically lasts up to three days after braces are applied or adjusted.

Can adults wear braces?

Yes, adults can definitely wear braces. Dr. Browning encourages his patients to get braces at younger ages because the patient is still growing. While some limitations exist as to how well braces can work for an adult, they can certainly correct alignment, crowding, and bite concerns. The best way to find out if they can help you is to make a braces consultation appointment with Dr. Brent Browning at Browning Smile Design in Houston, TX. Call today to get a straighter smile.


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